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venchi-chocolate-Assorted-Chocolate-Pralines-In-An-Elegant-Box-Small (4465861197956)
venchi-chocolate-Assorted-Chocolate-Pralines-In-An-Elegant-Box-Small (4465861197956)
venchi-chocolate-Assorted-Chocolate-Pralines-In-An-Elegant-Box-Small (4465861197956)

Assorted Nine Chocolate Pralines Gift Box 3.52oz

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Nice Assorted chocolate pralines in an elegant gift box.

-Raspberry duo center made of a double layer of dark white and dark chocolate with raspberry pieces.

-Cremino made of a layer of white chocolate with almond paste between two layers of milk gianduja with Piedmont hazelnuts.

-Mini Chocaviar Crème Brulée caramelized with a double coating of dark and milk chocolate and tumbled in toffee granules.

-Mini Chocaviar Crème de Cacao filled with gianduja cream inside a milk chocolate shell garnished with Chocaviar 75% granules.

-Mini Chocaviar 75% with extra-dark chocolate filling inside a Cuor di Cacao shell garnished with

-Chocaviar 75%, salted truffles made up of salted and toasted Piedmont Hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios, hand-worked, drawn through a cutter and dusted with icing.

-Mini Coconut Pralines made of a creamy milk and coconut center inside a 56% dark chocolate shell and decorated with grated coconut flakes,

-Tiramisù made of alternating layers of coffee paste, mascarpone cream and finished with Venezuela 47% cocoa milk chocolate,

-Nougatine made from chopped and caramelized Piedmont Hazelnuts covered in 56% dark chocolate and Cuor di Cacao beans which are recreations of the seeds of the cocoa plant in pure Central and South American chocolate and covered in 100% pure cocoa powder.

Naturally gluten free