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venchi-chocolate-Venezuela-85-Dark-Chocolate-Bar (4465851629700)
venchi 85% Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Bar
venchi 85% Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Bar

85% Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Bar 2.46oz.

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A single-origin, dark chocolate bar from Venezuela. The “Venezuela Full Taste” 85% dark chocolate bar is made with Fino Aromatico cacao only, which comes with a very distinctive aromatic complexity and notes of red fruit, ripe red cherry and cream. The entire production process, from fermentation to roasting and conching, is carefully overseen and neither soy lecithin nor vanilla are added to the mix to enhance the overall clean taste. The wrapper’s graphics feature the chocolate tasting notes and its origins (Ocumare).

Naturally gluten free

INGREDIENTS: Cocoa Mass from Venezuela, Cane sugar, Cocoa butter.

**Contains / May contain traces of: nuts, milk and soy.