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venchi-chocolate-Gianduiotti-Chocolates-In-Assorted-Mini-Bag (4465861329028)
venchi-chocolate-Gianduiotti-Chocolates-In-Assorted-Mini-Bag (4465861329028)

Assorted Gianduiotti Chocolates Gift Bag 5.3oz

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Gianduiotti chocolates in an assorted gift bag.

The gianduiotto was born in Piedmont, forever famous for the cultivation of hazelnuts with unique properties. Today, as then, Venchi produces the gianduiotto using Piedmont Hazelnuts, first roasted and then mixed (with a minimum content of 32%) with milk chocolate, for a chocolate with a velvety texture and fragrant aroma.

-Gianduiotti vintage recipe with Piedmont Hazelnuts of 32%

-Gianduiotto dark filled with delicious Piedmont Hazelnut gianduja filled with 60% dark chocolate.

-Gianduiotto extra-dark cocoa with 75% cocoa and Piedmont Hazelnut paste.

The Venchi gianduiotto is a soft and delicate chocolate, loved by young and old, for a moment of pleasure alone or in company.

Naturally gluten-free