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Suprema Dark chocolate spread 15.87 oz

A spread made with cocoa, milk, Piedmont Hazelnuts and extra-virgin olive oil, the ingredient that gives the product its incredible creaminess. In a large format.



The Suprema XV dark chocolate spread was created for all of our dark chocolate lovers: try the distinctive dark chocolate version in its large 15.87 oz size. With an intense flavour and refined ingredients (extra-virgin olive oil, Piedmont Hazelnuts, Venezuelan cocoa), each taste of this authentic and unique dark chocolate spread is a true experience.
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COCOA AND HAZELNUT SPREAD. INGREDIENTS: Piedmont HAZELNUT paste 37.0%, Fat-reduced cocoa powder 21.5%, Sugar, Venezuela cocoa mass, Thickener: vegetable fibre (chicory), Extra virgin olive oil 6.6%. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF OTHER NUTS, MILK, SOYA AND GLUTEN.


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