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The limited edition christmas 2023 collection

For the first time, an internationally renowned artist is signed the Venchi Christmas 2023 collection, creating a modern, fun, colourful and richly detailed limited edition line to be discovered! Andrew Bannecker is an American artist best known for his funny characters and vibrant textures, which he uses to give emotional power to his creations. Andrew has collaborated with top brands in various industries, from beauty to music and fashion.


The artist has given a stylish twist to classic Christmas symbols, turning traditional decorations into joyful and playful patterns. This year, opening a box of Venchi chocolates also opens the door to a world full of sparkles where anything is possible. So put on your scarf and gloves: here, everywhere you look - up, down, left and right - it's time for gifts. Sweets are hung on the tree, ribbons and lights decorate the rooms and snow is shining. Venchi chocolate boxes are meant to be shared with your loved ones... Open one (or two) and discover the magic of the holidays! 

Here are some perfect boxes to give or share! 

Venchi Christmas Collection

Christmas carillon  

Our carillon plays a magical Christmas melody and contains an assortment of Perle and Chocomousse chocolates. Turn the base clockwise, let yourself be carried away by a delightful symphony and tell your most beautiful Christmas stories. 

Chocoviar christmas hamper  

Chocoviar, Venchi's most iconic chocolates and a pure expression of our all-Italian know-how, style and creativity, thanks to a unique and sophisticated mix of contrasts, surprising fillings and textures. Seven different recipes, perfect for every taste: Gianduia, with a whole, crunchy Piedmont hazelnut in the heart; 75%, with an intense, bold flavour; Pistachio, with crunchy whole pistachios; Crème Brûlée, with a mouth-watering caramel heart; Crema Cacao, filled with our delicious hazelnut and cocoa cream; Stracciatella, with cream and cocoa nibs; Arancia, filled with Sicilian blood orange. 

Christmas maxi book   

Discover the magic of chocolate with a selection of assorted chocolates for all tastes, presented in a large Christmas tin book. 

Venchi shop metal tin  

Chocolate shop-shaped tin box with milk and dark Cometa chocolates. A tasty gift to decorate your tree and to enjoy with those you love most.