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Gelato Venchi

Venchi Gelato

Launched in 2007, our Chocogelaterie posed a real challenge: to celebrate the wonder of chocolate and offer it in a whole host of forms, including pralines, individual chocolates, spreads, hot chocolate and—last but certainly not least—gelato.​

Strawberry gelato Venchi

Venchi artisanal Gelato tradition

What gives Venchi gelato its wonderful taste are the fine, select raw ingredients we use, including high-quality fresh milk, our own chocolate, Piedmont Hazelnuts and Bronte Green Pistachios. ​
It's totally free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives and palm oil.

Mango gelato Venchi

Our iconic Italian Gelato flavors

Our gelato makers make it fresh every day—in the traditional Italian way—in our kitchens. A whole host of flavours to discover, including mouth-watering creamy flavours, refreshing vegan-friendly sorbets and gelato versions of all our most beloved recipes. Naturally delicious every time!

Venchi Gelato near me

A unique taste experience


Offering the perfect blend of chocolate and gelato, this is a special, mouthwatering treat guaranteed to satisfy all tastes. Your cone, your way: choose from a variety of gelato flavours, hazelnut and chocolate spreads, and crunchy grains, and enjoy a free individual milk or dark chocolate.

Gelato Gourmet

Gelato recipes