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Our commitment to sustainability

We at Venchi are committed to continually improving processes and the selection of materials and suppliers to ensure an increasingly transparent and sustainable supply chain. 



In compliance with ecological/environmental regulations, our industrial operations do not generate polluting and hazardous waste and our production cycles do not emit substances harmful to the environment into the atmosphere.  
In addition, water-resource management enables us to reduce our consumption through the use of closed-circuit cooling systems, flow regulators and rainwater recovery and collection systems within the industrial facility. 

As part of our drive to diversify the energy sources we use, a second photovoltaic system was installed to meet growing demand in an efficient way, and a major electrical-efficiency project concerning the cooling systems used for production and in the warehouses was completed. 

Thanks to these investments, despite the 15% increase in chocolate production, we were still able to reduce the plant's electricity consumption by 50% in 2021 compared to 2019. 


Packaging and service materials

The sweeping plan to gradually replace plastics with alternatives like recycled PET, PLA or FSC-certified paper continues. By carefully analyzing every aspect of our packaging and constantly pursuing the best solutions on the market in terms of sustainability, for the first time ever, we have created an Easter collection with materials that enhance the aesthetic and quality of our wrapping without harming the environment. 

All packaging and wrappers in the Easter 2022 collection are made from recycled PET (min. 70%), cotton-blend fabric or FSC-certified paper.
The egg cases are made from 70-100% recycled PET. Polyester ribbons have been replaced by cotton and paper, 90% of the surprises are contained in small bags and the egg wrapping is made from aluminum.
As a result, we were able to reduce our consumption of virgin plastic by 6 tonnes compared to 2021.

All Food & Beverage materials used in the retail environment (napkins, plates, glasses, gelato cups, takeaway containers, straws, and spoons), which were previously made from plastic and other non-biodegradable materials, have been replaced by 100% compostable alternatives, such as sugar-cane fibre, PLA, MATER-BI bioplastic and FSC-certified paper. All products are manufactured in accordance with the EN 13432 standard.

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement

In 2020, Venchi and several hazelnut growers operating in the Langhe area formed a new partnership with three key objectives: better quality, sustainability and promoting local produce. The producers, whose quality produce and warmth set them apart, provide the company with their entire hazelnut harvest as per an agreement between Venchi, ASCOPIEMONTE and the producers themselves, which regulates the harvesting, selection, shelling and storage processes. 
To guarantee the best quality while ensuring that the product remains fully traceable, even during processing, the hazelnuts are always shelled and selected in the Langhe area, thus resulting in a short, controlled and certified supply chain.

We also pursue collaborative projects with producers and distributors of cocoa mass and beans worldwide. With these partners, we establish projects to promote the fine raw materials involved, which are processed and traded in small batches, and recognise the higher market value attributable to the quality and work of the supply chain in the place of origin.
In this way, we are able to ensure that the steps involved, from planting to processing, adhere to the highest standards of quality and respect for the workforce. 
To make this procurement more sustainable, we have made a commitment with our suppliers to expand the processing of beans in bulk in the place of origin, paying a higher price at the source and optimizing transport to reduce our environmental impact.