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Set of 6 Cremino, Pistachio, White Salted Nuts Bars 22.57 oz

Pack containing 6 bars: Cremino 1878, Cremino Pistachio and Salted White with lightly salted hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios. An explosion of flavours for you to try!
Gluten Free
with Pistachio
Only with "Piedmont Hazelnut"

Father's Day Gift with Purchase

Flavours and contrasting crunchy and creamy textures intermingle in a truly mouth-watering experience! Contains 2 Cremino 1878 three-layered Bars with a white chocolate and almond paste centre sandwiched between two layers of Milk Chocolate Gianduja made with Piedmont Hazelnuts; 2 Salted White Bars with white chocolate, Sicilian almonds, pistachios and Piedmont Hazelnuts.
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