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Any time you make a purchase showing your V-CLUB Card in store or logging in on, you'll earn Chocoviar points - collect these to reach new tiers.


card vclub
card vclub

V-CLUB members earn Chocoviar points and enjoy exclusive perks on online purchases and in-store purchases. See list of participating stores.


card vclub

1. Sign up in store or online by clicking on JOIN V-CLUB on the top of this page. Once signed up, your loyalty card number will be emailed to you. You can also add the loyalty card to your mobile wallet.



2. Earn points and get promoted into higher tiers by presenting your loyalty card at the register or by signing in to your account before making your online purchases.




Complete your profile – we'd like to get to know you better!



V-CLUB members who enter their birthday before their birthday month can get a birthday surprise.



Checking your points balance couldn't be simpler! You can view it: 
•    by signing in to your account and going to the "Loyalty Program" section
•    on the "Check your balance" page by entering your V-Club card number
•    on the receipt of any purchase made in store associated with your V-Club card or in the email invoice for your online order

Every day, your balance will update with the Chocoviar points accumulated from purchases made within the last 12 months (from the current date).  To stay in the latest tier you reached, you can keep accumulating points.

The permament discount varies according to Tier (or Level) of belonging: 

- Tier GREEN: no discount
- Tier PINK: 5% discount
- Tier RED: 10% discount
- Tier GOLD: 15% discount

To use your permanent discount, please show your V-CLUB card at the cashier before making a purchase in store, or login to your account when purchasing online

The permanent discount is valid for as long as you remain in the membership tier of the loyalty program. If you go back to the previous tier or progress to the next tier, the discount will automatically be updated within the following 24 hours.

Check your email regularly as this is where we'll send you Venchi updates and surprises.
However, the permanent discount is automatically applied every time you link your V-Club card to a purchase (at the till or at checkout), starting from the V-PINK tier.

V-Club is the new version of our loyalty program! To enjoy all your perks, you'll need to sign up again. If you're already subscribed to the newsletter and would like to keep receiving Venchi communications, remember to confirm your consent when signing up!

If you subscribed to V-CLUB in-store and you want to use your loyalty program advantages online on, you should first verify if you already have an ecommerce account.

A. You don't have an ecommerce account on click on SIGN IN the top right side of the website. 
You will be redirected to the login page. Please select Sign Up and complete the form, make sure you use the same email that was used while subscribing to V-CLUB in store.
Then, select ""SIGN UP"". By then, you should see a box in home page displaying your V-CLUB number, your points balance and your Tier.
If the error message ""A user with the specified ID already exists. Please choose a different one."", this means that you already have an e-commerce account on, so please follow the procedure at point B."

B. You already have an ecommerce account on Please login using your credentials.
Go on the Homepage or the V-CLUB page and click on "JOIN V-CLUB". A pop up will appear, asking you to Join V-CLUB. Please read and accept the Terms & Conditions of loyalty program and click JOIN V-CLUB. In a few minutes you will see the box in Homepage and in V-CLUB page updated with your V-CLUB number, points balance and Tier. 

If you signed up correctly you should receive the message: ""Thank you very much for joining the V-CLUB loyalty program. Your card has been generated and is currently being activated, thank you for your patience."" The V-CLUB card takes about 10-60 minutes to generate and get to your email. If you want to make a purchase and collect points, please make sure that you receive the email with the loyalty card first.

No, you should be logged in in order to collect points and use your permanent discounts with your orders. You cannot collect points for purchases made before the date / time of subscription to V-CLUB. 

No, you should enter the US version of V-CLUB if you want to collect poins for purchases in US and to enjoy the promotions. Your European V-CLUB card is not valid in US as they are two different programs.


Check terms and conditions and see the list of participating stores.
The current terms-and-conditions of V-CLUB loyalty program is valid through 01/31/2025.