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Cannolo chocolate: the newest addition to the italian dessert collection

Our journey of discovery of Italian sweets continues and this time, it takes you to Sicily! Are you eager to taste the chocolate version of Cannolo? Then set off with us!    

Taste of Sicily: the Cannolo chocolate    

The new chocolate Cannolo  encloses an enveloping ricotta cheese heart, enriched with delicate pieces of orange peel and candied cherries, with the addition of a crunchy layer of gluten-free biscuits. Everything is then coated in fine dark chocolate to balance the overall sweetness. A symphony of flavors and an interplay of textures that will amaze you, bite after bite. 

As you savour this treat, you can almost feel the sun shining on the beautiful Sicilian Baroque buildings, smell the sea-scented air and hear the street sellers offering the real cannolo, which is crunchy and filled to the brim with dreamy ricotta cream.  

Easy and handy to always have nearby, the Cannolo chocolate is perfect for a mouth-watering break or to end the meal on a sweet note... close your eyes and travel with your mind and palate!   

The Italian desserts collection   

Our journey through the landmarks of Italian confectionery does not stop here. The Italian Desserts collection has already charmed the hearts of many, with chocolates such as Tiramisù, the most iconic of Italian desserts, with its coffee and mascarpone flavour combined with a fine Venezuela chocolate finish. The Caramel Pannacotta chocolate, with creamy notes of caramel chocolate and a drop of liquid caramel inside, is a tribute to the trattorie of Piedmont. The Dark Almond chocolate is inspired by the taste of marzipan and pairs layers of mouth-watering chocolate with sweet almond paste. And finally, the BacioDiDama, a sweet embrace between a crunchy gluten-free Piedmont Hazelnut biscuit and tasty Gianduja.

Each chocolate embodies a tale of Italy's best-loved desserts and captures the essence of its place of origin. Celebrate this new addition with us and let us take you on a gourmet journey through Italy, one chocolate at a time!   

Find your favourite one in store or online.